Computer Healthchecks

PC Care Services: Computer HealthchecksIf your PC is running a little slowly or behaving in a strange manner, or you simply want to maintain your PC’s optimal performance, then a PC Healthcheck is just what you need.

PC Care can check over your system, remove any bloatware (unwanted programs, applications, tool bars and add-ons). We will optimise your computers start up performance and Internet settings/connection. Check the general health of your system (both hardware & software) and restore some of the performance it has lost over the months/years it has been used. We will also advise you if there are any cost effective upgrades that will help your PC keep up with the performance of newer systems.

For an advanced Heathcheck we will also open up your PC or Laptop, run a visual inspection of all critical components and clean any fans, vents and filters inside the computer. If fans/vents on any computer become blocked by dust and restrict the airflow through them, the heat generated by the components inside the computer gets trapped and this can lead to overheating which can cause PC’s to crash, behave erratically or in severe cases cause components to get so hot they sustain physical damage and burn out. PC Healthchecks (just like servicing a car) can keep a computer running at its best and help extend the operating life of your system.