Materials & supplies on their way

With the donations that have come flooding in I have been able to place initial orders for more filament, isopropyl alcohol, acetate, and buttonhole elastic. These should all be arriving over the next few days.

Thanks to the generous donation from Michael Grayson at Solutions Recruitment, I have hopefully been able to secure a second 3D printer which should greatly increase production. This should also be arriving in the next week or so.

Part of the challenge has been trying to source some of the materials as many places are either out of stock, closed due to the lockdown, or have extended lead times/delivery windows as they are operating with limited staff. I have spent many hours hunting down the required supplies and hopefully now have everything on its way.

The PayPal Pool fund continues to grow and now stands at a total of £1130. I cant express how grateful I am for the support and generosity shown.

Below is a time-lapse of a stack of 8 headbands being printed overnight.

10 hours of printing in 30 seconds!
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