Face shields continue being delivered

Face shields continue to be delivered and distributed to those who need them.

Another batch have made their way to the QE A&E department. and others have been delivered to direct to NHS staff who are also on the frontline without adequate PPE.

While most of us can enjoy the Easter weekend safe in our own homes, please spare a thought for those still having to go to work, knowing full well they will not have adequate PPE and could be putting their health as well as the health of their families in jeopardy.

As confirmed COVID-19 infection rates continue to rise it must be like playing Russian Roulette, placing another bullet in the revolver each day they go to work. Soon the revolver will be full and if they don’t get adequate PPE soon its going to become a case of when they get infected, rather than if.

I hope you all enjoy Easter as well as you can while coping with these extraordinary times.

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