Mixed weekend of news

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend and enjoyed it as best as they could whilst in lockdown and socially distancing themselves.

For me it was a mixed weekend. Unfortunately the 3D printer broke down. It was inevitable that something was going to give, and on Saturday night as I was preparing to set the long overnight print going, something did give out. The build pate that everything is created on stopped heating up. The printer has been working more or less constantly 24 hours a day, pushed to its limits for speed, trying to produces as many face shields as possible, as quickly as possible.

Fortunately with a bit of diagnostic work and the help of Google, I was able to fix the problem and get the Printer back up and running again on Sunday. The breakdown was due to a fatigued cable that had broken through 100’s of thousands, if not even millions of movements while the printer has been operating. With the help of a little bit of soldering and heat shrink tubing the broken cable was repaired and the printer made operational again. Also during this down time I have serviced the printers other components, tightened the drive belts, lubricated bearings and guide rails and precisely leveled the print bed.

It has highlighted the need for second 3D printer, to help minimise downtime while repairs/essential maintenance is being performed. The second printer is on its way and hopefully should be arriving sometime this week.

I have been able to produce another batch of face shields ready for dispatch to a GP practice and deliver a few face shields to other NHS hospital staff who are sill having to work with little or no PPE.

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