More Face Shields Delivered

Today I have been able to deliver a new batch of face shields to the Hadrian Clinic in Newcastle.

The PayPal funding pool is still going strong and currently stands at £995! An amazing amount in just 48 hours. Again a heartfelt thank you to everyone that has donated.

New materials have been ordered and are on their way. In the mean time print continues with longer 8 hour prints running overnight producing stacks of 8 head bands in one print run.

3D printed face shield production, from a stack of headbands, to individual cleaned pieces with bottom guards to completed face shield.
The process of creating various parts to a 3D printed face shield.
On the left: a stack of 8 headbands printed overnight.
In the middle: Separated headbands, cleaned with bottom visor reinforcements printed in a second print run.
On the right: a complete face shield with visor fitted.

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