Supplies gradually getting delivered!

Today I have started to receive some much needed supplies purchased using the funds kindly donated on the PayPal Money Pool.

I have received 2.5 litres of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning/sterilisation of the 3D printed face shields, 6 rolls of filament (I loaded the last roll I had onto the printer this morning!), and 150 much needed A4 acetate sheets which had run out completely.

I am still waiting on a few other items to arrive, like more filament and elastic for securing the headbands. And of course the second printer to increase production rates. These should hopefully arrive soon.

The arrival of the acetate has meant that I have been able to complete and ship out a batch of face shields to a GP practice where they are much needed by the staff still seeing patients there.

I also have a batch ready to be delivered to The Queen Elizabeth A&E department in Gateshead.

Donations continue to gradually come in, taking the total donated so far up to an amazing £1230. Again thank you to everyone for their generosity and support.

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