Remember the old adage, “If its too good to be true, then it probably is!”? Well today a client raised a concern about a program they had come across called Roulette Bot Plus.

This program boasts that it can predict online casino’s random number generation sequence for their roulette tables and bet automatically for you on what it predicts will be the next winning numbers/colour/series/group. Best of all the software is offered for free!

Sounds great a free program that could bag you a fortune for doing nothing – where is the catch?

Well here they are:-
1. The developers most likely have affiliate accounts with the online casinos so make a tidy sum from referring people to them to open an account.
2. The program and its developers offer no guarantee or tangible proof that the system works, just a few youtube videos that can easily be faked.
3. A few quick Google searches or even a look at Roulette Bot Plus Facebook page shows scores of unhappy people that have tried the program and lost all their money.

My best guess is that this program is either written by or in collaboration with the major online casinos. So remember if its sounds too good to be true, then most likely it is! – Beware!

Roulette Bot Plus - Scamware

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